DNA Services

iStock_000012603588MediumDNA is the genetic blueprint of life. It is found in almost every cell in your body- for example, blood, semen, saliva, and skin cells. Forensic Biology is the application of biology to the law. It is the most technologically advanced way to identify someone. Although, not the fastest, the process of obtaining a DNA profile is becoming faster and more efficient. DNA analysts examine evidence found at a crime scene for blood, semen, saliva, or skin cells (depending on the type of crime and evidence). A DNA profile is then obtained from the evidence and can be used for comparison to a known DNA profile. Not only can DNA be used to link a person to a person or a person to a crime, it can also eliminate suspects.

iStock_000038319450MediumDNA services that are provided by Aurora Forensics:

  • interpret DNA profiles
  • review analyst’s bench notes
  • site visit to laboratory
  • review Chain of Custody and laboratory manuals
  • review entire DNA case file (serology tests, DNA data and statistical analysis)
  • assist with trial preparation and questioning for cross examination
  • provide expert witness testimony
  • observe trial testimony of other DNA experts

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